Baggage Claim

Hello, I’m Oliver (aka SuitCase.) Visit the comic I help make, dig around my old website, tweet at me, ask me stuff on the BCB blog or email me.


Here I am. Another medium (Tumblr!), another time.

Baggage Claim is gonna be where I post small articles I’ve always wanted to write but never had the space for.

Just so you know — I’m “SuitCase”, a person who is now largely defined by my involvement in Bittersweet Candy Bowl, a webcomic made by the love of my life, “Taeshi”. I know people, I do and make things, and I study (previously, a BA in history and English, currently, a law degree.) But in online terms, BCB is where my head has been for the last 18 months, and it’s something I want to talk about.

I strive to be honest, so you should get a better idea of me by the time I’ve written a few entries. 

I hope my writing amuses and interests, regardless.