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Where do Bittersweet Club International members live?

The worldwide map of BCI members

For the uninitiated: Bittersweet Club International is a program we run where we provide extra comics and little gifts to those willing to contribute $39 a year. The graphic above (click for a larger view) shows the geographic distribution of club members, and gives you an indication of where we get much of our financial support.

United States

BCI members in the US

A pretty unremarkable map, I think. It kinda looks like it just follows the population of the US, doesn’t it?


The worldwide map of BCI members

Much more interesting. Why so many Germans? What on earth is going on in Denmark over the rest of Scandinavia?

And where are all of our Asian friends? Gosh. You’d think they were too good for us baka gaijn.

Anyway. That’s it.

These maps show a subset of about half of all BCI members, so if you’re our lone Congolese reader (or whatever), don’t fret!

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